Should I send my child to school?

Please do not send your child to school if he/she is showing any of the following symptoms of illness:

    • Fever greater than 100 degrees - Your child should be fever free, and off of all fever reducing medication for 24 hours before he or she returns to school. Students returning to school before they are well are more susceptible to illness and may expose others. Please do not give your child medication to treat a fever and then send him or her to school.

    • Sore throat or tonsillitis - A minor sore throat is usually not a problem, but a severe sore throat could be a symptom of a more serious illness. Keep your child home from school and contact your child's doctor if your child is diagnosed with Strep Throat. He/she may return to school 24-48 hours after initiation of appropriate prescribed medication (and the absence of fever).

    • Unusual Spots/Rash - Do not send your child to school with a rash until their doctor has said that it is safe to do so. Children with ringworm, scabies, or impetigo can return to school after 24 hours after beginning treatment. The affected area should be covered if possible.

    • Bad Cough/Cold Symptoms - Children with bad coughs/colds need to stay home, and possibly see their doctor. When the cough improves and your child is feeling better he/she may return to school.

    • Eye Inflammation or Discharge - If your child's eye is red with cloudy or yellow/green drainage; crusty eyelids after sleep; eye pain and/or redness, you should keep your child home, and contact your child's doctor. If your child is diagnosed with pink eye, he or she may return to school 24 hours after treatment begins.

    • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea - Your child should stay home until the illness is over, and for 24 hours after the last episode (without medication).

Please remember to call the attendance line at (808) 626-0940 ext. 400 if your child will be absent from school.

Let's Stay Healthy

As many people are getting colds and the flu we, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in preventing the spread of illnesses in our school.

Please help us teach your children good health habits to protect themselves as well as others:

  1. Plenty of rest and nutritious food as needed.
  2. Do not eat or drink from the same utensil or container after someone else.
  3. Keep hydrated by drinking a lot of healthy fluids (soda does not count).
  4. When coughing or sneezing cover the nose and mouth by coughing or sneezing into a tissue or bent elbow.
  5. Practice frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer. As this is one of he best ways to prevent the spread of germs. Wash, wash, and wash those hands!

Since students need to be picked up when they become ill at school, we need current telephone numbers. Please inform the school immediately of any change in your telephone number(s) so we may be able to contact you when needed.


MAIN OFFICE: 808-626-2980 | FAX: 808-626-2958